AIAENY 2017 Lunch & Learn Series



Tuesday, March 21 with Tamko

Metalworks Steel Shingles (1 LU)
Introduction to steel shingles that provide both performance and appearance similar to real wood, tile and natural slate. Steel shingles are the alternative to these products.

Waterproofing (1 LU)
Gain general knowledge about waterproofing, waterproofing materials, building conditions and application techniques.


Thursday, April 20 with Tremko

Build Better at Lower Cost by Controlling Infiltration (1 LU/HSW)
This presentation discusses the impact of reduced air infiltration on energy use and the moisture dynamics that determine whether or not the house is “too tight”. Specific examples of how lowering air infiltration compares to other alternatives for lowering energy use are given, including increased insulation values and reduced window U-values. The basic science controlling moisture dynamics in frame construction is presented to give the audience an understanding of what governs the speed and direction of moisture diffusion, how the amount of moisture movement via diffusion compares to the amount of moisture moving via air infiltration, and the role of sorption/desorption of framing materials in determining the moisture tolerance of the wall structure. Specific examples are given to aid understanding. 

Moisture Dynamics in Residential Construction (1 LU/HSW)
In residential construction, moisture and energy control are critically important in order to achieve the desired energy efficiency and structural integrity and durability, as well as occupant health and comfort. Understanding the dynamics of moisture movement is essential to minimize moisture issues through proper design and to properly diagnose any issues that may occur. How moisture is transported, why and how much, and under what conditions is covered in this presentation. Helpful tools and techniques are presented as well. Moisture and energy performance are so inter-related, developing a good understanding of moisture performance is essential to all energy professionals.


Thursday, May 11 with Georgia-Pacific

Designing Energy Efficient Steel Stud Wall Assemblies (1 LU)
This program is designed to provide the design community with the knowledge to make informed decisions when specifying a system solution in steel stud wall assembly that will deliver high thermal performance, moisture management, as well as minimize air infiltration in steel stud wall assemblies.

The Evolution of Water-Resistive and Air Barriers in Commercial Building Envelope Construction (1 LU/HSW)

  • Recognize the function of water- resistive barriers and air barriers in a building envelope/enclosure
  • Understand the advantages and/or disadvantages of various WRB-AB systems available
  • Discern the differences between all-in-one (combined sheathing + WRB-AB) systems versus traditional WRB-AB systems
  • Identify the dissimilarities between two methods of all-in-one systems available in the marketplace today
  • Design for labor, material and installation time savings in future building envelope projects


Thursday, September 21 with Dugan Associates

Prefinished Opening Concept (1 LU/HSW)

Accessibility Disconnects in Toilet Room Design (1 LU/HSW)


Thursday, October 19 with Vertex Solutions
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